Co-packer, Contract Packing

We have the capability to take your recipe or your idea to a shelf ready product. With our lab and our industrial contract packing facility, we will develop a production formula, test for food safety, provide nutritional labels, help with package ideas, and provide final product to ship to your desired location.

We take pride in helping you get your food packaged and onto the shelves.

Our staff will walk you thru each step working with us as your food co-packer.

  • Cold and hot fill capabilities
  • Large and small batch manufacturer
  • FDA Approved
  • Florida Department Of Agriculture Inspected
  • Level 2 HACCP Approved (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
  • Fresh From Florida member

FSMA Approved: At our facility we take special care to update our facility in every aspect that we can. Registered with FDA we are FSMA COMPLIANT.

HACCP Approved: Our team leaders and production crew have all gotten their HACCP TRAINING CERTIFICATIONS and Bi-Annual meetings.

Co-Packing Food Manufacturing Capabilities

We can manufacture and co-pack a large verity of food.

We have a large inventory of ground Datil Pepper powder in stock available for our customers.

Packaging Choices

Portion Control Cup: Liquid 1.25 up to 2 fl. oz (New)

Glass: 5 oz up to a gallon

Plastic: 5 oz up to 55 gallon drum

Dry Rubs and Seasoning: 3.5 oz shaker bottle up to 50 pound Boxes / Bags

Co-packing Minimums

  • 200 Gallons of Liquid Products, Cold or Hot Fill, Each Flavor.
  • 200 Pounds of Dry Spices or Dry Rubs, Each Flavor
  • 500 Pounds for certain special processed items.